Pete C.

My lawnmower broke down early in the season. It ended up needing a new engine, imagine that. Found a mailer from Mike’s Lawn Care Service on the kitchen table. I decided to take a chance on Mike Rotonda. Got an estimate up front, seemed reasonable. I met Mike, he seemed trustworthy and capable. Well, after the first cut and edging, I soon replaced the complaints about the lawn condition with praise, on how nice it looked. Next season rolled around and with my riding mower in good repair now, I was going to take back my lawn chores. Surprising to me, my wife says “Whats wrong with Mike’s Lawn Service the house has never looked so good?” I gave it some thought and decided there’s nothing wrong with Mike’s service except that I’m not cutting my own lawn. Once I fully adjusted to the idea of someone else cutting the lawn for me, and doing a much better job than I could; I gave my mower away. This is now my third season and I am doing other things with my time now. No more green sneakers and shoes, running to the gas station filling cans, sidestepping mowers in my shed and garage. Not a bad adjustment and I know Mike will always do a professional job.

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